7 Benefits of Human Growth Hormone

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The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a vital hormone produced by the pituitary glands that stimulates, cell reproduction, body development, and regeneration of cells in human and animals. [1] Besides enhancing cell division, the hormone stimulates the improvement of the immune system. [3]

The production of the Human Growth Hormone decreases with the advancement in age leading to a drop in the mass of bones and muscles in older people. [3]

The hormone is used in prescription drugs that are used for the treatment of children who are experiencing growth disorders. [1]

The points below explain in details the 7 health benefits of HGH.

HGH Increases Bone Strength
The pituitary glands release the Human Growth Hormone. HGH regulates the process that enhances the growth of bones, especially during adolescence. The hormone increases the mass of bones by stimulating the liver to secrete IGF-1 which is released into the bloodstream. The release of IGF-1 enhances the rate at which bones reabsorb cells leading to an increase in bone density. [2]

HGH Reduces the Risks of Heart Diseases
Adults and children who have a shortage of Human Growth Hormone are more prone to cardiovascular diseases which decrease their lifespans. They are more vulnerable to heart diseases because the breakdown of lipids and proteins is altered leading to higher concentrations of triglycerides in the body. Higher triglyceride levels increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases. [2]

HGH Increases Strength of Muscles
Human Growth Hormone stimulates the production of collagen which enhances muscle strength by reinforcing skeletal muscles and tendons. Recent studies have shown that HGH increases strength in muscles by strengthening the lower parts of the human body. [4] Strong muscles are vital for locomotion and body movements especially to weight lifters who need extra strength to lift heavy weights.

HGH Enhances Brain Activities
Besides boosting muscle strength, the HGH is critical for improving cognitive ability. Research has revealed that the Human Growth Hormone enhances concentration, especially during decision making. It is therefore essential to ensure that children have adequate HGH to improve the development of their brains for effective learning. [4]

HGH Reduces Anxiety
Higher levels of Human Growth Hormone in the body stimulates the production of dopamine. [4] Dopamine is known as the “feel-good hormone” which elevates the feeling of euphoria and motivation. In this manner, the HGH hormone reduces stress and anxiety levels making you look happier and joyous. Insufficient dopamine in the body causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease to kick in.

HGH Enhances Quicker Bone Recovery
Fractured bones recover faster in people with higher levels of HGH than in those with lower HGH levels. The Human Growth Hormone enhances and speeds up the process of bone regeneration. Bones heal and repair faster when there is a high concentration of HGH in the bloodstream because of the stimulation of the body to produce more IGF-1. IGF-1 is responsible for bone metabolism. [2]

HGH Boosts Sex Drive
Higher levels of the HGH stimulates the production of more testosterone. [4] The higher the level of testosterone, the higher the sex drive. On the other hand, lower HGH levels cause the level of testosterone to drop consequently reducing the sex drive. Research has revealed that men with higher HGH levels have better erections. [5]

It is essential to understand without a doubt that HGH is necessary for proper growth and development and its importance cannot be overlooked.


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